Christmas means lights and rising costs on everything from food to power and gifts.

It also means rain and cooler weather (at least in Albuquerque).




Stars are a dream, of flitting across the sky, of visiting strange worlds and alien places.

They are a vision of vastness and distances incomprehensible.

They are memories of stories of gods and goddesses warring across the heavens.

They are science made real and visible and ready to see without any more than stepping outside.

Stars are a dream of freedom and light and knowledge.

Stars remind me of home.


Film – Wilderness

WildernessThis is probably my favorite picture. Maybe ever. The setting, the palette and the medium all combine to give it a kind of classical feel that just looks amazing. All the things are here. The high dynamic range, the embodiment of life in the subjects, the old barn, the goat and grass, even the specks of dust on the film make this one of my favorite pictures.

Film – Crack

CrackI love this picture because of the depth of texture and contrast that is available in this medium. The grain of the wood and the sharp lines are phenomenal. Also it’s just a fun picture with some beautiful dynamic range that would be difficult — but not impossible — to reproduce with a digital sensor.

Film – Art

ArtThe creation of art is a different project for everybody. To some it is joy and love to others it is deep frustration and ultimately satisfying work. In fact to describe the creation of art for everybody would probably require billions of explanations.

For me it is mathematical. I draw by calculating the scales and geometrical relationships. I bake by fractions and the applications of mathematical principles. I write with a spreadsheet, charts and tiny cue cards. I take pictures with aperture numbers, focal lengths and film speeds.

Yet, here in this picture are two people who experience art in a completely different way. To them it is the simple act of making. There is very little thought involved and no calculation whatever. Just create something.

Film – Play-Doh

Play-DohJust look at the dynamic range of this photograph. I could not take this picture with a digital camera, not even with HDR enabled cameras like the iPhone has. The inside is dim and the outside is bright and with my digital camera I have to choose which one I want to see.

I am constantly amazed at the quality of image that photons bombarding chemical deposits on a plastic film can produce.

Film – Construction

ConstructionThis picture might be amusing no matter what format it was taken on but taken in film makes it feel that much more contrasting to me. I really like the themes going on in this picture. There is the homage to the past with the elderly gentleman and the black and white image and right next to it is a TIE fighter made of legos and under construction. It’s like the old and the new side by side.