Driving Blind by Ray Bradbury

Driving Blind.jpgThis is another collection of Ray Bradbury short stories. Bradbury is always readable and interesting but I found that the whole of this collection left something to be desired.

Most of the stories in this book are not in Bradbury’s usual genre of science fiction and fantasy (or horror). They seem to be more in the line of literary fiction. As such I found them less than satisfying. I don’t know if that was because I’d rather be reading science fiction or because the stories themselves were not as good.

Bradbury’s usual style of sparse but meaningful prose is present in every story and many of them end with his signature twist or reveal of things being completely different than originally apparent. The stories are as good as anything that Bradbury ever wrote.

I didn’t find the subject of most of them to be nearly as interesting nor as gripping as most of his other work that I’ve read. I loved his Martian Chronicles and his Illustrated Man. Some of his stories I have read many times because they are beautiful or terrifying or insanely good.

There were no stories from this book that I would like to read again. None that jumped out at me and grabbed my imagination like I know Bradbury is capable of doing.

It was a good book, but it wasn’t great. I expected more from Bradbury.


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