Talking God by Tony Hillerman

Talking God.jpgLeaphorn and Chee both end up in Washington and, although neither is there officially — Leaphorn is retired and Chee is on vacation — they both get pulled into a plot to blow up a museum as well as to steal some sacred artifacts.

Hillerman is always entertaining and this book could almost be a comedy if it weren’t for the inclusion of a third point of view character who is a racist hitman that spends the book hiding just under their noses.

His inclusion turns the book into a thriller that has more intensity and personal stakes in it than Hillerman’s books usually have.

This is one of the better ones in the series and I enjoyed it a great deal. I have read a lot of these books and never get tired of the stories that Hillerman tells or of the characters that he sprinkles throughout.


2 thoughts on “Talking God by Tony Hillerman”

  1. I think my Favorite is Wailing Wind but I have never read one of his books and thought, “I would never read that again.” It’s always, “I wish it wasn’t over.” Some I have read more than twice and I too love the characters because they are the real people I live with.

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