Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

Calamity.jpgThis is a Sanderson conclusion. That means big and fast and lots of secrets revealed and people coming to heroic decisions and discoveries. All of that is a given and all of that is here.

I’m beginning to see a common thread in Sanderson’s books that I’m not sure how I feel about. I’ve known for a long time that many of his books are about Apotheosis. His characters ascend to godhood. He likes to explore how that happens and what it might do to people. The other common thread I’m seeing is that he likes to make his god-like figures — the source of power in his worlds — into human beings.

There is no natural force that makes the world magical or fantastical. It’s a person. In his cosmere books that plays out as the Shards who have taken an aspect of Adonalsium. In this book it is a petty and immature young man who suddenly gained the power to grant super powers to people.

It’s an interesting story and I liked the book but I couldn’t shake the feeling of sameness. Magic powers in the cosmere come from the Shards that are on the planet, super powers in the Reckoners come from Calamity.

The big reveal, which wasn’t all that revealing as it had been expected by that point, wasn’t why this book was good. The book was good because the characters are lots of fun to watch. They work together in fascinating ways, they plot, they scheme, it all falls apart and they improvise and the banter and arguing in between are interesting. The action is fascinating and Sanderson tries to keep the illusion of science at the same time as he displays a world where science doesn’t really mean much any more.

This was a fun book that I enjoyed reading a lot. The characters are in top form and Sanderson has heroes that are easy to root for and puts them in places that are always interesting and fun to see play out.

I would recommend this entire series and I found this conclusion to be just as fun and enjoyable as the previous two books. Sanderson keeps getting better and better.


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