A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly

A Darkness More Than Night.jpgMichael Connelly never disappoints at mysteries that are intense, focused and well-written tales of suspense and danger. His usual hero, Harry Bosch, has a fascinating set of flaws and skills that keep his stories interesting from book to book. With this novel Connelly decided to combine Harry Bosch’s story with the investigations of retired FBI agent Terry McCaleb.

The story had the same problem that I always have when an author switches between characters that I like to read about. Every time it switches I get mad that I have to leave the previous character behind. Connelly has always been great at his characters. They’re real in a way that feels natural. They are smart and proactive because they are book heroes but they also have fears and concerns and blind spots and make mistakes and occasionally say stupid things.

In other words they are human and because of that they are easily identifiable.

Terry McCaleb is almost instantly likable and he sets out to solve a mystery that gets him involved in the trial that Harry Bosch is in the middle of testifying at. Between the two of them they unravel the mystery and uncover a dark secret that powerful people had put great effort into hiding.

There’s not much more to say about a Michael Connelly novel. If you’ve already read one of his books you are probably a fan. If you haven’t this is as good a place to start as any.


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