Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine.jpgI think I went into this book with the wrong kind of expectations. From the cover I was expecting a book about really creepy things. A story as dark as the one evoked by the black and white picture on the front of the book.

I should have read the cover copy or something.

This is more of a children’s coming of age secret magic school story than it is a creepy horror story about spooky children.

The spooky children turn out to be magical children who go to secret school. The hero is a boy who finds the secret school because, surprise he also has magic powers and just happens to have the magic powers that are needed to save the people in the school from the monsters that want to kill them.

Why do the monsters want to kill them? Because they are monsters that want to kill them.

Don’t ask silly questions.

I suppose this book would be okay if I was ten or twelve. Maybe younger. The story is competently told, it just lacks any sense of mystery, wonder, or adventure. I found myself wishing more would happen so that the story would get interesting. I felt sorry for all the adults who get regulated to being either stupid or bad guys because they are in a children’s book. I got frustrated with the protagonist for being kind of dumb just because he was in a kid’s book. I got annoyed with the author telling a story that hinted at mystery, wonder and adventure but never delivered any of those things in any meaningful way.

I don’t plan on reading any more of these books. Unless you just really need something to fill your Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/etc. hole in your life then I would suggest looking elsewhere. There are better books out there.


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