Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughan

Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie VaughanI wish that this book did not have such an unfortunate cover on it.

Carrie Vaughan has been on my radar for quite some time. She attends the Albuquerque science fiction and fantasy convention every year and always has very smart and interesting things to say. I have also read a small number of her short stories and found them to be imaginative and very well written.

I have to admit that the covers for her books held me back for a long time, though. The protagonist, Kitty Norville, is a werewolf that works at a radio station as the late-night DJ. One night she starts talking about vampires and werewolves and other paranormal things as something to pass the time between rock songs. It becomes so popular that her show gets syndicated and suddenly paranormal creatures from all over the country are calling her at night to ask for advice.

The book is short and shows Kitty growing from a young werewolf who is subservient to her pack to one that is strong and confident and willing to fight for what she feels she deserves. The beginnings of the book are a little hard to read as Kitty is mistreated by her pack leaders (the alphas) and she simply cowers and takes it. She quickly starts to stick up for herself, though, which gets her into trouble.

I feel like this is a good start to a series. If the story ended here it would be disappointing. Knowing that more books are already written means this is a good first chapter for a character who still has lots of growth and mystery to solve.

Kitty is interesting as a character and her sections about taking phone calls on her radio show are probably the most exciting and interesting parts of the book. I am excited to read the second book and see where the character goes.


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