Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia

Monster Hunter International was a fun book. I had some complaints. The writing is only okay, sometimes a little clunky and the main character is basically a dream version of the author — a typical Mary Sue.

When I need something that is just full of action and lots of explosions and fire and monsters and crazy guns, I know where to go.

This book is very much like the last. Larry Correia has an interesting cast of characters that are diverse in both background and personality and they make the book interesting. There are just the right jokes in just the right places. Lots of fire, explosions, guns, monsters, world-ending horrors and action, action, action.

If that doesn’t sound like fun then walk away.

The flaws are still there. Owen Pitt is still Larry Correia minus ten years and in a world where his obsession with guns is actually justified. Correia tends to fall back on some very passive sentences when the action starts, which seems counterintuitive to me but also looks like an early writer mistake that an editor should have cautioned him on. The constant repetition of the verb ‘was’ actually becomes a bit tiresome.

The mystery that the plot is based on is pretty nonexistent. Most of the plot developments I saw coming from several hundred pages out. But, then again, that’s not why I’m reading this book. If I want a mystery I’ll pick up Michael Connelly. If I want active voice with poetic language I will read Daniel Abraham or Tolkien or LeGuin. If I want big guns blowing up progressively scarier monsters, Larry Correia is pretty much unmatched on that front.

This book is over six hundred pages, which is long, but it didn’t feel like it. The story moves from action to action quickly enough that the pages fly by and with just enough interlude to not give the reader action fatigue.

This is a good book for what it is trying to be. Think summer superhero movie. You won’t be disappointed.


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