Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

Mitosis by Brandon SandersonSanderson’s Steelheart was a surprise piece of humor and action that I enjoyed quite a bit. Mitosis takes place directly after the events of Steelheart. A new Epic is in town and he is intent on destroying the kid who killed Steelheart and taking over the city of Newcago.

This is a very short piece, mostly just an action set. David is attacked by another Epic with frightening power and he has to employ his wits and his inability to craft a metaphor that actually makes sense to defeat somebody infinitely more powerful than himself.

The story is mostly fluff. It’s a fun bit of action and watching Sanderson put together a system of magic and then tear it down and deconstruct it is always fascinating and sometimes amusing. With the Steelheart world he gets to do that with every character — since they all have their own set of powers — and he doesn’t disappoint.

If you can find this story for free somewhere it’s worth the twenty minutes it might take to read it. I wouldn’t recommend paying money for it, though. In the end it means very little. The characters are in basically the same place they were at the beginning and the outcome will affect the second book in the series only slightly. It’s basically a story for fans who just can’t get enough.

Not Sanderson’s best by a long shot but even Sanderson’s least interesting (which this is definitely not) is still fun and usually exciting. This is a middle-of-the-road Sanderson story that is mostly forgettable but will likely keep you entertained for the time it takes you to read it.


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