Sly Mongoose by Tobias Buckell


Tobias Buckell doesn’t like to keep readers waiting. Instead he shoves us into the heads of larger-than-life characters and hurls us into a zombie apocalypse in space.

The story starts with Pepper, some kind of centuries old super soldier (who is already familiar from the two previous books in the series) who is deorbiting onto a planet using a makeshift heat shield and a spacesuit, because that’s how he rolls. From there we are thrown into a world of floating cities, airships, acid clouds, hidden aliens, Aztec descendants and the ultimate democracy.

Pepper is a fascinating person, he is a force all to himself but he is not without feeling and we get little hints here and there why he roams across the galaxy throwing himself into every brutal fight and war he can find. That’s when he starts to feel a little bit human, he becomes less of a force and more of a person.

Tobias Buckell writes in a quick and sparse style. It almost feels too fast, at times like things are happening too quickly to keep up with. His prose is short, the sentences minimal and the paragraphs small enough to be taken in at a glance.

This book is short and packed with action that let’s up just enough to show characters going through real change and fighting for what they believe in. It’s one of those stories where amazing people triumph against terrible odds and I can’t recommend it highly enough. You probably don’t have to read the first two books in this series to understand this one but I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to.

Sly Mongoose is another powerful story by Tobias Buckell written with a fascinating background and a great premise in a fully imagined future that realistically combines the use of billhooks and swords with weapons that communicate directly with the brain through the nerve endings in your fingers.

Tobias Buckell will keep you turning pages.


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