FliesI hate insects. I really do. I don’t like them touching me or even being close to me.

Somehow I find them fascinating at the same time. How do they move all those legs and wings and process all that input from their UV and IR sensitive eyes and the electromagnetic sensitive antennae?

I want to watch them and squash them at the same time.

So I’ve developed a compromise of sorts. In my house they are invaders and I punish them with death. Outside I am a visitor and I leave them alone — I know it’s not really a fair trade but it’s the best I can do.


2 thoughts on “Flies”

  1. I have a somewhat similar attitude when it comes to insects in the home. Outside they are 100% off limits to my doing them in. Inside I will mostly gladly capture and release an assorted manner of insect life; however, if I find them in clothing or a bed they are executed. That being said, earwigs and scorpions in the house rarely get a stay of execution regardless of where they were found.

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