The House of Israel: Land Divided by Robert Marcum

House of Israel: Land Divided by Robert MarcumThis continues the story of Hannah and her Jewish refugee friends after they fled Europe and made their way to Jerusalem. Shortly after arriving in Jerusalem the area became a hotbed for strife and war as the Jews fought to reclaim a Holy Land that they felt was promised to them and the Arabs scrabbled to hold on to their homes as the Jews came in droves.

There are no good guys in war, there are just those who try harder to do what is right. Both sides of any conflict end up doing things that they are not proud of and the Jewish fight to reclaim the Holy Land was no exception. Arabs were killed and driven from their homes, Jewish buses containing unarmed refugees were bombed and sacked.

In the midst of it all Robert Marcum tells the story of one family — an extended one to be sure with several adopted children — trying to survive the destruction and strife going on around them.

Marcum is a good writer and does his research well, setting the story in the midst of real events he gives a sense of immediacy and sheer terror to the war that raged through city streets and across a countryside.

I would recommend this book if you have an interest in historical fiction. You could do a lot worse than Marcum’s Land Divided.


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