ParkThere are a lot things I love about New Mexico. This is one of them. There are few places in this country where you can find such a variety of landscapes and such vast stretches of unpeopled beauty within a short distance. Within a couple of hours drive from my house I can find desert canyons, arroyos, whitewater rivers, volcanos, dark forests and lush green meadows. And that’s not to mention the lava tubes or the ghost towns or the desolate, dust swept desert.

In northern New Mexico, just east of Cuba is a wonderful place called the San Pedro Parks Wilderness. This is one of those places that you have to be willing to spend a day walking to in order to see it — and it is inarguably worth it. I would scheme a way to build a house up there if a house wouldn’t totally destroy the verdant, wet, openness that are the never ending meadows of the Parks.


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