Bunnicula by James Howe

Bunnicula by James HoweI have loved this book since I was a child but I learned something upon reading it this time: nothing happens in this book. It’s funny and tremendously entertaining observing the manner in which nothing happens but it actually accomplishes very little. That left me wondering why I had such fond memories of it and I think that it is because of what it introduces.

This book is not anything amazing. Very little happens at all and many of the jokes are a little bit flat. What it starts is a series of brilliant and hilarious adventures that provide lasting memories that never get old.

Bunnicula, despite it’s name, is about a dog and a cat named Harold and Chester. The book in which they have their first literary introduction is nothing special but the relationship and entertainment value of this comedic duo that ensues in the later volumes is very special indeed.

This is a perfect book is for people who have ever observed animals, who like puns or just want to read something that makes them laugh. The best part is that this is just an introduction to a whole series of magical books.


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