IrisIrises are probably my favorite flower though I really like roses as well. There’s something about the way the petals droop and curl in just the right way that make irises feel like a spring time wave bursting into the air. They just seem to mean freshness and light.

I also love old building. This building is Woodward Hall on the campus at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. When I had classes in there the windows had all been painted shut (or open, in some cases) and the heaters were ancient, creaking and groaning contraptions attached to the wall under said windows that blew scalding hot air day and night, regardless of the season. That was about eight years ago, for context. Now it’s been remodeled inside and out. It no longer looks like it was built by the original architect of the Duke of Albuquerque himself.

But it’s still old.

And it still has irises in front of it.


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