Even the dust and hard water spots that are the bane of clear photographs everywhere look better on film than they do on a digital camera.

I think, at this point, I need to clear about something. I think film is beautiful. There is something powerful and majestic and simply magical what happens when photosensitive chemicals are exposed to light focused through a series of lenses. It’s somehow organic and alive and also firmly rooted in hard science. I do not choose to use film very often, though. The biggest reason is the convenience and expense. Film costs much more than digital. However I am constantly in awe of the technical quality of the digital cameras that are available now. Technically the digital camera now can get a better picture than film ever could. Artistically they are simply two different media, like watercolor and oils.


One thought on “Balloons”

  1. I agree completely, I love the quality I can get with a digital camera, but there is something about old film cameras that capture aspects of the world that digital just can’t. I especially love when I had the chance to build my own camera and then develop my own film. It was amazing.

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