DwellingAs a teenager I seriously considered being an Archeologist for a short time — a couple months — which, for an android is a VERY long time.

The reason I was so fascinated with Archeology was because I lived near a place where the ruins of former civilizations could be seen practically from the back porch of the house. The fields were literally littered with potsherds and blocks of stones.

Who were these people? What was their life like? The evidence of a no longer present population lights a fire of curiosity in my bones that drives me.

Part of that is why I love to explore ghost towns and see ancient ruins. It’s probably also why I love to read fantasy books and dream of building my own trebuchet. It’s all the same thing, really.

This is a small building tucked in an overhang high up on a cliff wall. Who built this here? Why would they go to so much trouble? Maybe it wasn’t any trouble at all and we just think that they were technologically inhibited… And my imagination starts all over again.


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