CesnaThe word Cesna, to me, conjures up certain images.

When I was young my father had a small hatchback Ford Escort. It was possibly the most gutless car on the road at any given time. It’s weight was slight enough that it might have been possible to drive it like the Flintstones but it’s engine was so lacking in power that it couldn’t go up hills without shedding speed prodigiously.

When I hear ‘Cesna’ I always think of my father’s little Ford Escort with wings barreling down the runway, engine roaring, trying desperately to get enough speed to take off.

It turns out that is both accurate and not in that strange kind of dichotomy that the imagination seems perfectly suited for.

The Cesna really does have to roar to get off the ground — though no more than other planes I imagine — and it might be smaller on the inside than the Ford Escort was. It’s definitely harder to get in and out of.

It isn’t struggling, though, it’s just got a really loud engine and once it’s up in the air it tucks the wind beneath it’s wings and goes where you point it.


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