Insects and Flower

There is a phrase I learned from a writing workshop when I was in High School. The phrase was “consistent inconsistencies”. What that means is that people are inconsistent, consistently. Good characters are the same way. Take Indiana Jones for example. He fights bad guys and digs in ancient crypts and fights mummies and ghosts and Nazis and he’s terrified of snakes.

I too have some of these dichotomies. I’m the typical nerd who knows about every new technological device and I love to play with technology. But I don’t own a cell phone and I never have. In fact I hate cell phones. I love my computer and spend a lot time using it to do many wonderful things, I use my ipad every day at school and it has very nearly saved my life, but when I’m ready to read a book I put all of that away and pick up an actual real book. I hate the very idea of ebooks.

Similarly I have a dichotomy about nature, specifically insects. I hate all the insects in the whole world (this includes other multi-legged creatures like spiders that are not actually insects). I literally cannot watch those National Geographic documentaries about them. It gives me chills and shivers that are quite uncontrollable. When I see insects in my living space, I go Hulk Smash all over them before I even know what I’m doing.

However, when I’m out in the woods surrounded by mountains and trees and plants and water and wildlife all around, well, then I’m in their world. I’m the intruder and they become something fascinating and beautiful.

As long as they don’t touch me — then it’s full on war — I will spray them in the face with Deet.

I don’t know how many insects are in this picture but I count at least five different kinds.


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