Fast or Slow

The Jemez Mountains, just northeast of the Jemez Pueblo, are full of hot springs. Most of them are so full of bacteria that you probably don’t want to get in them. However, just off the highway there is a place where a hot spring has bubbled up from under the mountain and flowed under the road, emerging into the Jemez River. The resulting mineral deposits over many years built a dam across the river that it has proceeded to burrow tunnels and caves into.

This is an experiment I did with shutter speeds. First I froze the water droplets in the air, then I let them rush past. Which do you prefer?


One thought on “Fast or Slow”

  1. I think I actually like the rushing one. Though, it seems like I should like the other one beca use it has more texture. Maybe the rushing one just feels more like being at the actual waterfall.

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