Serenity: Those Left Behind by Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews and Will Conrad

I don’t read a lot of comics – despite how it may look recently – but the artwork in this comic was amazing. The faces of the characters looked so much like their real life counterparts that it could have been photoshopped stills of live actors.

The crew of Serenity enters into another shady business deal, this time with Badger – who is always fun, and a little scary. I’m beginning to wonder how long this can remain a good starting point for a story – pretty soon you start to sound like Star Trek: Voyager with their stop to look for food on every planet we see in order to have an episode formula. Nevertheless, at this point there haven’t been enough stories for this formula to grow completely tiresome yet.

It’s a setup, it wouldn’t be Badger if it wasn’t – which makes me wonder why they keep dealing with him – and things quickly go south from there.

The hands-of-blue guys are there and starting to home in on their quarry, ie River Tam and somehow they’ve gotten a lot less creepy in comic form than they were in real life.

The story here is really secondary. The point of this comic is to set up the transition from the last episode of the show to the movie and it does that admirably moving characters where they need to be and channeling that prelude to desperation right into it’s proper place so that things seem to click. Watching the movie without reading the comic will not be a disaster – you might not even know the difference – but reading the comic before (or after) might fill in some of the initial holes that don’t get addressed in the movie until about five minutes in.

In other words this is one of those books for the impatient types who want to know everything going in.


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