I would like to promise that this is the last picture of the moon that I’ll be posting here but I can make no such promise. There is a fascination with the night sky that has been a part of me since childhood. It is embedded in my soul. The stars call out to me as a destination, a place that I can never go but which forever taunt me by their visible presence.

As a child I would read stories of great explorers finding new things and discovering new worlds — some of them on our own planet. On a world that is dominated by air travel and mapped by orbital satellites there is little left to discover here, but in space the possibilities are approximately endless.

Now I look at the sky and see the moon and wonder what it would be like to live there. Or just to visit, to see the earth hovering in the sky like a giant blueberry, waiting to be picked. I have looked at my home from the tops of very tall mountains and from the dazzling heights of a soaring airplane but how would it be to gaze upon the earth from the height of the moon and watch the continents glide past above my head?

I also got a new lens and wanted to try it out. I shot this handheld so it’s not the sharpest picture. I’m planning on setting up a tripod for the next one, maybe try a remote with the mirror up to reduce camera shake.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get to see it up close and take this picture from the other side.


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