Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell

Many years ago the Old Father’s ventured into the stars and settled on distant planets. They founded a colony and trade port on Nanagada, using the nearby wormhole to trade among the stars. Then they encountered the Loa and the Teotl – two powerful races locked in a war that destroyed worlds. In order to stop the spread of the war to Earth and the other colonies some of the men of Nanagada destroyed the wormhole with a massive EMP pulse that knocked out all technology in the system and cut them off from the rest of the galaxy.

Now, many years have passed and the Azteca – a race descended from a remnant cult of Aztec Indians – are coming over the Wicked High Mountains, demanding blood sacrifice in the name of their gods, the Teotl.

Thus starts a race for survival for John DeBrun and the mysterious stranger, Pepper, who shows up with secrets about John’s past.

The Jamaican colonists on Nanagada give the book a unique feel that sets it apart from other science fiction.

The most important thing to know about this book, though, is that it is awesome. It happens fast and moves along one beat after the next until the ending is a drumroll. It’s a story of triumph and mystery and war and characters that are faced with difficult choices for themselves and for others. I will be looking for more of Buckell’s work in the future.


2 thoughts on “Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell”

    1. There is an explanation in the story for the two different races. It’s basically a commentary on human nature. People tend to segregate into racial distinctions even if those distinctions don’t make sense or aren’t obvious to an outside observer. Throughout history some of the strongest racial tension has been between tribes and groups that were the same color and even shared the same ancestry.

      In this book the settlers are Jamaicans who fled Earth to look for a better home and a cult of Aztec blood worshipers seeking refuge on another planet. As you can imagine, any religion that requires blood sacrifice is going to have a hard time getting along with the neighbors.

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