I recently moved from a warm climate to a warmer one. Tucson thinks that triple digits is a normal number — not a high. One last thing I did before moving to the South end of the United States was take a rafting trip with the youth of our ward. While there I found some interesting photos waiting for me to take them.


2 thoughts on “Taos”

  1. I take it the move was for graduate school, congratulations by the way on your graduation. What course of study will this be for ? I do not envy you the hot temps. The worst is doing what you did, moving there when it was already hot, no time for gradual acclimation. We did the same thing a few years back. The kids just wilted, and the huge backyard we were so excited for wasn’t played in for months. Just take full advantage of the milder winters.

    1. Optical Science. I’ll be studying solid-state lasers. Luke seems impervious to the heat. He goes outside, says “It’s hot out here.” and then goes about doing whatever he was going to do.

      Albuquerque has been in the high nineties for a long time up to when we moved so we had a little bit of a gradual.

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