Family Hour Stories by The Living Scriptures

If you ask me about my opinions of the Living Scriptures folks I’ll give it to you sometime. That particular rant is better saved for perhaps response to comments or else it might become so lengthy as to require an entire book to express.

Let’s sum it up by saying that I have a great many fundamental moral, political, and ecumenical disagreements with their chosen MO. I know I should forgive them. I’m working on it.

Which means that I don’t spend any money on them. Ever.

I did come across a binder full of “LDS Family Stories” that some members of our ward were giving away. Since I enjoy dramatized productions as well as anybody I decided to try listening to it. What it turned out to be was a selection of stories from the Dramatized Scriptures series that are produced by Living Scriptures peppered with some made up stories that were obviously trying to teach a lesson.

The ones I had heard before were of the quality that I remembered – which varies. The others ranged from the overly dramatic – with actually organ music playing after each scene (Dun Dun Duuuun) – to well done.

When it’s good the whole thing is good – actors, writing, music, sound effects, etc. When it’s bad it sounds like an audio version of a twelve-year-old’s home horror movie, complete with tapping on the microphone for footsteps. The stories that were intending to teach a lesson were so contrived that they were obviously made up specifically for that lesson being taught. The ones that were based on historical events – and actually made an attempt to stay true to them – were interesting but did not impart knowledge that the average person doesn’t already know.

My overall opinion is that I haven’t changed my opinion. I don’t think I’ll ever listen to these CD’s again. I don’t think I’ll recommend them to anybody else either. I’ll probably donate them to a library somewhere, or give them to Goodwill.


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