Storm Over Warlock by Andre Norton

201107112320.jpg This is pretty standard Andre Norton. A young protagonist who has been on the wrong side of the system, comes through and is made strong by it. Placed in the wilderness with some kind of animal companion(s) and hijinks ensue.

In this case the animals are Wolverines, the planet is Warlock, and the protagonist is Shann. He sees his colony destroyed by invading aliens and sets off on a quest to survive on his own. In the process he makes discoveries that change the human view of Warlock forever and show his own true nature.

It sounds pretty cliché, and it is, but Andre Norton is always at least entertaining. Having pet wolverines doesn’t hurt. I read Andre Norton because she’s a good, clean, fast read. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t look too deeply or make you think too much then this is the perfect book for you.


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