Alcatraz Versus the Scriverner’s Bones by Brandon Sanderson

201107112254.jpg While I found the first Alcatraz book to be mildly clever and occasionally funny I thought this one sort of fell flat. Instead of a nice puffy cake we got a sugary tortilla.

Much of the humor is still there – it just feels old. When Alcatraz says random things it is no longer surprising.

The characters are interesting, the plot balances on a line between feeling really well planned and completely seat-of-the-pants-throw-stuff-in-and-see-what-happens.

Sanderson is not a great writer of prose. That’s okay because neither is his writing painful to read. In Alcatraz he seems to get a little lazy in his word crafting. There were frequent sentences that I had to read several times to understand and others that just felt awkward. Not his usual quality.

The end result is that I enjoyed the book but was not enthralled by it. I’m interested to see if the ‘write something quick while I’m taking a break’ feeling of this book continues in the rest of the series.


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