Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness

201107112245.jpg  I found the Schlock Mercenary web-comic in a somewhat roundabout way. First I heard that Brandon Sanderson was finishing the Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan passed away. I went to his website and saw that he had a weekly writing podcast with two of his friends, Dan Wells and Howard Taylor. I listened to the podcast and heard that Howard Taylor had a web-comic so I went to his sight and checked it out.

After reading the comic every day for a couple of years I decided that I needed to catch up on some of the back story. Howard Taylor has been producing a strip a day since 1999 so reading all of that on the computer was out of the question, my eyes would go numb.

So instead I bought the first book of his published strips.

I think I have three things to say.

One: Howard Taylor is the kind of hilarious that only the best satirists (like Terry Pratchet, Bill Amend, whoever wrote Galaxy Quest) are able to achieve. He consistently tells a joke in each strip while keeping tensions high and addressing serious themes.

Two: If you can’t appreciate the original series Star Trek because the effects are so bad then you might not want to read Schlock Mercenary in the early years – stick with the modern stuff. The artwork is only slightly better than what I could do. It does improve rapidly, however.

Three: When I finished reading “The Tub of Happiness” I ordered the next book. Because it was that much fun to read.


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