To Slay a Dragon

Feeling that I had not thoroughly humbled myself enough by showing the world how much improvement I still need as a writer by posting my second book on my website I decided that it might be fun to put up some of my old short stories that I’ve written. Some of them had a point at one time. Some of them didn’t.

This one is something I wrote when I was fifteen. I was kind of obsessed with dragons and parallel dimensions at the time so I decided to put them in the same story. It doesn’t make any sense. If the writing doesn’t make you laugh hysterically then the ‘science’ definitely will. My only excuse is that all my science experience at that point had come from Star Trek novels. Which is a pretty good excuse.

So here it is, comma splices, passive voice and all. I did fix a few typos and apparently I never capitalized my sentences back then but otherwise this is the original.

(No I will not ever post up my first book. a) I am not in need of that much humbling, b) I don’t have time to type it all.)


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