Approaching Darkness Chapter 18

This chapter was probably the most difficult for me to write. You see I made a series of drastic mistakes. I had too many fights. Each fight had to be bigger than the last in order to be interesting. So after the previous chapter I was faced with the challenge of making this last climactic battle bigger and harder than any of the ones that came before. You’ll have to let me know if I succeeded.

I hate the kind of stories that put characters in danger, set them up to sacrifice and then don’t follow through with it. In case you were wondering, yes, people die in my book. It’s essential for the story that is being told. In order for people to make meaningful changes they need to sacrifice something, sometimes that is their lives. Most of us are not faced with that kind of choice.

That’s one of the things that makes WALL-E so disappointing and How to Train Your Dragon so brilliant. WALL-E didn’t give up anything. He put himself in harms way to save the people and it was belittled by having him fully repaired at the end. In How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup makes the same willing sacrifice and, although he doesn’t actually die in the end he does have to pay a severe consequence for his actions.

So, people don’t have to die but they can, as long as it means something.

These events in the last section of this chapter were in my mind from the very beginning.


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