Approaching Darkness Chapter 6

This chapter is kind of what I see of as the turning point of the novel. The end of act I. This is where the main characters have stumbled through their try-fail cycles and suddenly things get bigger than they had thought/hoped/expected. For those of you familiar with the three act structure you’ll know roughly what comes next.

The three act structure isn’t something I knew about when writing this book, at least consciously. It’s something that I’ve noticed in it since then. Most people who read a lot have a pretty good sense of how story works and what kind of structure to give it. There are other structures for a story to take — especially a novel — and the three act structure is not the only one that applies to this book, but it’s the most obvious one.

And thus it begins.

When I wrote this book I lacked the skill (and perhaps I still do) to make this section as smooth as I wanted it. I’ve massaged it and tweaked it and I can’t make it work the way I want. It feels clumsy to me no matter what I do. I knew what needed to happen here, I knew where the story was going. I knew how the characters would react but I didn’t pull it off as well as I would have liked.

I’ve been studying different ways of doing this sort of thing so I hope that in the future passages like this one will be a little more smooth.


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