Approaching Darkness Chapter 3

This used to be the longest chapter in the book. It’s not so much now. Following the trend of most beginning writers (and apparently the writers of the Transformer’s movies) I thought that action scenes were always more exciting. The problem is, they just aren’t. If you want a good comparison look at Transformers (I really can’t recommend that you watch it — you might kill yourself) and then watch The Bourne Identity. Vastly different use of action scenes. Usually writers put in too much action because it is easy, they’re lazy, or they don’t know any better. Making the story exciting and tense when things are quiet — that’s hard.

This chapter originally had several more action scenes, they were very sensational and very dull. By this point there had been so much action that the readers needed a break. Tension works better when people have a chance to feel it. I cut out nearly fifteen pages. Sometimes I’ve wondered if it was soon enough.


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