The Space Opera Renaissance: Colin Greenland

Untitled 16.jpg I’ve always sort of fancied myself an Englishman at heart. When I was a child I used to affect a fake English accent as an attempt to be more British. I have read countless books about Great Britain in an attempt to learn more about their culture and way of life. I don’t really know where this fascination comes from except that I think it has something to do with the fact that they have castles, which logically means that they also have dragons.

It is interesting to me how people in different cultures like different stories and books. Fantasy and science fiction books sell in Germany several orders of magnitude better than they do in the United States.

As evidence of this phenomenon – if it can properly be called such – is Colin Greenland. Colin Greenland is a well-known science fiction writer who consistently sells well in the United Kingdom. In the United States he’s never been published.

Perhaps that’s why I had never heard of him before reading his story in The Space Opera Renaissance.

“The Well Wishers” succeeded at being creepy and quite strange. It also succeeded at being boring and utterly pointless. Captain Jute – some kind of space courier I think – lands on an airless moon to pick up a shipment from a former rock star. Then she spends the entire story – which is quite lengthy – drinking beer and watching television in a hotel room while waiting for the rock star to bring her the shipment. Even when things do happen, in the last couple of pages, the prose and events are so weird and confusing that it’s nearly impossible to understand what is going on.

If this is indicative of his usual material then my tastes are definitely not in tune with the general British public, as much as it pains me to admit it.


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