The Space Opera Renaissance: Dan Simmons

Untitled 12.jpg Before writing science fiction Dan Simmons wrote horror novels. Before he wrote horror novels he taught Elementary school for over fifteen years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Education.

In 1990 he set out to retell Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as science fiction and instead created something new and so departed from its source that it is unrecognizable. His Hyperion Cantos books won him awards from multiple organizations and their sequel the Endymion/Endymion Rising duet solidified his place as one of the great creators of space opera of the 90’s.

“Orphans of the Helix” is a story about a group of religious refugees fleeing the events of the Hyperion Cantos. The people and situations in the story were so vividly imagined that they felt new. The writing was absolutely top-notch. His writing style is fresh and intelligent and easy to read. Of all the stories in this book so far I think this one and “Weatherman” have been the most enjoyable.


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