The LDS Temple in Albuquerque is a photographical dichotomy. I’m guessing that all temples have this same quality about them. It is, in one way, very easy to photograph — photogenic, great scenery, beautiful landscaping, bright colors, clean, well-lit. It is also immensely difficult to photograph — for one important reason, it’s too big.

Perhaps if I had a camera that I could attach wide view lenses to this problem would be alleviated. Alas I do not. This means that I have to either rent a crane in order to get up high enough to take pictures of the whole thing, get far enough away that I get it all in frame, or try to come up with creative ways of taking pictures of the temple that do not include all of its stately glory.

This picture and its associated album is my attempt to capture the beauty and power of this monument while also portraying the delicate beauty that it exemplifies.


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