The Space Opera Renaissance: Lois MacMaster Bujold

Untitled 5.jpg Lois McMaster Bujold is probably one of the most respected writers of science fiction. She is tied with only Robert A. Heinlein for the most best novel Hugo awards. She started out writing science fiction, mostly military science fiction and made a name for herself – and won most of her awards – with her Miles Vorkosigan series. Miles is a unique hero for any series of books because he is a dwarf and a cripple. Miles, therefore, must survive in a military society that honors strength and power above all other things by using his wits.

In recent years Ms. Bujold has branched into fantasy books that have continued to garner awards – including one more Hugo, even more rare for fantasy books.

The stories Ms. Bujold writes are written with tight and consistent prose that can vary from hilarious to bitingly abrupt – depending on the immediate feel of the story. Perhaps the most compelling part of her books, however, is the people. These are individuals who feel real and different in unique and special ways that makes them feel like old friends. Even when characters are derived from cliché they are portrayed in an interesting way.

“Weatherman” is a Miles Vorkosigan story. Miles is all but exiled to the Arctic Circle to work as a weatherman for an infantry base after graduating from the military academy. While there he discovers some new things about himself and learns what it means to make the right choice – though hardly an easy one.

This story is every bit characteristic of Bujold. The writing is profound without being flowery or wordy. The descriptions are vivid and the characters are powerfully drawn so that even the scary ones seem like former acquaintances.


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