Gadiantons and the Silver Sword by Chris Heimerdinger

Untitled 6.jpg This is the much better sequel to Heimerdinger’s previous book. It’s basically The Lord of the Rings with an LDS gospel twist to make it a little bit different.

This is my favorite of his books. Possibly because of the multiple Lord of the Rings references, certainly because of the epic feel of the story. I love the cleverness and realistic reactions of the characters. I love the mix of ancient Book of Mormon villains in our modern world. The settings of Provo and Mexico are both familiar and strange enough to feel like fantasy.

The story is still cheesy and the villains are over-the-top and the entire point of the story is fake but this is not intended as a gospel study guide but as a fantasy quest in modern times with gospel elements thrown in. The moments of teaching morals are not so heavy-handed that they destroy the story but not so subtle that you have to read the book more than once to get them.


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