Music of the Night

At the risk of being self aggrandizing I encourage you to download this picture (if you’re on the blog page you might have to click on it once to load the post and then click on it again to download the picture) and look at the full size. There is so much more there.

I think this is my favorite picture ever.

I’ve hung onto it for a long time trying to find the right words to say about it. The words just aren’t in me.

On Christmas day I climbed down into the bottom of a frozen arroyo in Albuquerque’s west side. The darkness was so complete that I could not see the ground in front of me. I laid down on the frozen soil and set my camera on a pad of fallen leaves. I stayed there for nearly half an hour as I tried to capture the darkness and stillness that was around me.

Within a hundred feet of me dozens of households were celebrating the birth of our Savior with laughter and food. In the silence of that arroyo, with the frozen clods of earth poking my ribs, my fingers going numb with cold, the wind whistling softly overhead and the faint glint of light off a frozen pool of water in front of me I felt at peace like I never have before. In the middle of that raucous celebration I found silence.

One of the things that I love most about Albuquerque is that it hasn’t come to terms with being a city yet. There are farms along the river in the middle of the city and a short drive to the edge of a neighborhood puts you in the mountains or at the base of a volcano or on top of a mesa. It’s very much a city but when you dig deeper you realize that it’s just a farming village that grew up way faster than it expected to.

This picture reminds of nature and peace and joy and silence.

What does it remind you of?


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