Re: D.A.W.

Untitled.jpg This is probably the last one of these that I’ll post. Just because I expect to be getting a lot of them and I don’t suppose anybody really cares.

This one was interesting to me in two ways. One it was returned really quickly, just about a month and a half. The other is that the letter seems a little more encouraging than the one from Tor. Not that Tor was in any way discouraging. DAW just seems to be… I don’t know, letting me down a little nicer, maybe.

The third thing (I know I said two, I can’t count) is that for all the extra words and the more friendly feel of the letter it says exactly the same thing as the previous letter I got.

I guess there really aren’t any good ways to tell somebody that the book that they just spent a ridiculous amount of time writing isn’t good enough… so they don’t.

The plus: I now have a letter signed by Peter Stampfel.


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