March — Accelerating

Untitled 12.jpg After February where I didn’t finish reading any books I felt a little discouraged. Part of the reason for that is that most of the books that I am reading are very massive in size. I averaged reading about three hundred pages a week the entire month but I still didn’t finish any books. One book I started in January and despite doing half of my reading each week in that book alone I still haven’t finished it. I’m very close, though.

March was a better month.

Peter and Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is an adventurous, mildly fantastical, attempt at giving an (almost) real-world explanation about where Neverland is, why Peter doesn’t get older and why he can fly. It also explains the existance of Mermaids and fairies in Neverland. The surprising part is that all of those things have the same explanation. I think younger readers will enjoy this book a lot. I found it kind of childish but rather exciting at times and quite fun.

7th Son: Deceit by J. C. Hutchins is the second book in the 7th son trilogy. The clones go through more horrible things in an attempt to find John Alpha. The intensity and level of action is certainly turned up to eleven and it is very exciting. There’s not much to it beyond that, though. It’s a great thriller, but it forgets a lot of the moral questions that were raised in the first book.

Dragon and Liberator was a great conclusion to a great series by Timothy Zahn.

Uglies by Scott Westerfield is an eerily foreseeable future that is beautifully realized and brilliantly told.

Three Shadows by Ceril Pedrosa is a graphic novel by a french artist and author about a young family trying desperately to save their little boy from death that stalks him in the form of three shadows.


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