Untitled 5.jpg I was going to say that I got my first refection letter for a novel but then I remembered that this was not the first novel that I had sent in to publishers which means I’ve probably got another one around here somewhere.

Anyway, this is the first one I’ve gotten on this novel. It was also the first one I got on a book that I actually thought was worth something. The first one I started when I was in sixth grade and it was basically a mixture of every fantasy that I read while writing it and then projected through a early teenage perspective — kind of like Eragon.

I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about this one. I had heard that no matter how many of them you get or how much you tell yourself that most people don’t get published that it is still hard to get a rejection letter. I felt curious mostly. I didn’t think I would be upset about it but you never know until it actually happens.

As it turns out I thought it was kind of funny.

The rejection letter came in an envelope that I addressed and stamped and placed in the package that I sent to Tor. If you don’t do this they won’t respond at all — unless they want to buy the book. When I got the letter I thought the writing on the envelope was my dad’s (apparently our handwriting is similar enough to be mistakable) and was confused about why he would send me a letter with no return address and postmarked in New York. When I opened it and read the contents I was even more confused. Why did my dad send me a rejection letter from Tor?

On rare occasions my mail still goes to their address and usually dad sticks it into an envelope and sends it to me so I spent several minutes trying to figure out why Tor would send me a letter to my parents house.

It wasn’t until hours later when my wife saw the envelope on the table and asked why I had sent myself a letter that I remembered the self-addressed stamped envelope that I had included in my submission package to Tor.

Anyway, I actually felt amused by the letter. “…it’s not right for us at this time.” Does that mean I should send it back to them later or are they just trying to avoid saying, “this is terrible please leave us alone.” I wish I knew whether this was the response that everybody gets or if they have several different automatic responses that could be sent depending on what they think.

I suspect there’s only one.

Next one up: DAW.


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